Product Development

An Agile Process: A Software Development Lifecycle for Faster Results

As the world of technology rapidly changes and evolves, the people who create and maintain it have to, too; thus, Agile software development was born.

Website Design

What We’re Seeing in Web Design Today

One of the ways the digital world mirrors the physical one is in the rapid changes in design. Every year, we find ourselves embracing unique trends, different styles of jeans we swore we would never...

Branding and Positioning

Messaging Matrix: Know Who You Are

When you think of Apple or Amazon, what comes to mind? Or when you see McDonald’s golden arches, what is your first thought? Whether it’s good or bad, whether you’re a customer of these companies or...

Website Design

How to Review a Wireframe

We 💝 wireframes. Just ask our GDD team. Ask Jeter Cotton, GDD Account Manager how many problems and miscommunications are avoided with wireframing and wireframe feedback. (Hint: the number is big.)...

Branding and Positioning

Simple Steps to Branding Your Business

In my family, birthdays have always been kind of a big deal. We love getting together to celebrate the birthday boy or girl, laugh a ton, and of course eat cake.


You Can’t Fudge Copy (Why a Copywriter is Worth the Investment)

One of the things we’ve talked about once or twice around here is the importance of great copy. It plays a critical role in attracting visitors to your website, helping prospects make a decision...

Website Design

Great Copy Doesn’t Start with SEO

One of the things that can make digital marketing such a challenge is that things are constantly changing and evolving. Just when you think you’ve mastered a component of your digital strategy, you...

Website Design

The 5 Website Elements You're Not Using

In today’s world of technology, it’s extremely common for your first point-of-contact with a potential client to be your website. They Googled a broad search question and your product or service...


Behind the Scenes: Life as a Military Spouse

April, it seems, brings about far more than just May flowers. The month of May has a surprising number of holidays and observances. The list of everything we get to celebrate and appreciate this...