atomic design
Website Design

The Atomic Design Methodology

My sophomore year, I entered the classroom for my new science course, and was greeted by our head football coach wearing a huge grin and eager to offer us his best dad joke, “Ok guys. I want you to ...

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using your buyer personas
Digital Marketing

How to Use a Buyer Persona

You hired an amazingly talented marketing company to do marketing research for your company. Such a win! And you were thrilled to see the package included buyer personas. You’ve read about buyer ...

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What is a community manager
Branding and Positioning

What is a Community Manager?

Creating and executing a successful digital strategy requires multiple roles. You need a strategist, who can keep a laser-like focus on goals and objectives. You need a content architect, who can ...

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4 day work week

Primitive Does a 4 Day Workweek

Creating a healthy, thriving business isn’t something that is accomplished overnight. It requires a ton of care, commitment, time, and effort. It also requires an intense focus on caring for both ...

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Say yes to custom software
Software Development

3 Reasons to Say Yes to Custom Software

The project management system crashes for the second time today—the 4th time this week. Suddenly your Slack blows up, the whole team is frustrated, and you can’t find that linked document you need. ...

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best branding moments of 2022
Branding and Positioning

Top Branding Moments of 2021

It’s not an understatement to say that 2021 has left us with some memorable moments, some good, some bad, some we’d prefer to forget, and some that have left us with glimpses of beauty. But these ...

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3 stages of the buyers journey
Digital Marketing

The Buyer's Journey: 3 Stages From Visitor to Customer

Digital marketing is a proven, trusted method of attracting potential customers and generating leads. But at times, it can feel overwhelming. There are many different directions your efforts can ...

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get your business ready for 2022
Business Growth and Sales

3 Practical Ways to Get Your Business Ready in 2022

Hands up if you have every intention of starting 2022 off on the right foot.

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does your website scale
Website Design

Website Scalability: the Factor You Didn’t Realize You Needed

My husband and I recently changed out our bathroom shower head, and while that might not sound like an exciting purchase to most people, if you know, you know. The very best part was that I got to ...

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Why Growth Driven Design?

The growth-driven design process addresses many of the issues that come with traditional web design. Because you are working with a web design and development team on a monthly basis, they are much more able to know what your site needs in real time. You have the ability to test and analyze the performance of certain pages or CTAs and keep making measured adjustments to convert on a regular basis.

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