BLOG Preparing for the Second Half of 2022

Preparing for the Second Half of 2022

POSTED BY The Prim Pack | Jun 24, 2022

“It’s like I’m drowning, and someone just handed me a baby.”

This is how one of my best friends once described how he was feeling when he and his wife welcomed their fourth child into their family several years ago. 

It has stayed with me ever since because the visual imagery is just so good.

And I don’t know that there is a better picture of how business owners feel in 2022. 

Many of us entered this new year with a lot of hope and expectation that 2022 was going to be a different story from the year before. Instead, it feels like we got off one roller coaster and had to get straight on another one.

It’s difficult for everyone, but it’s an especially hard time to own and operate a business. 

roller coaster

If you find yourself already longing for a new year, or wondering how on earth you and your team are supposed to make it through another six months, this blog is for you. 

Today we’re diving into how to prepare for the second half of the roller coaster ride that is 2022. Buckle up – it could be a wild ride.

3 Areas to Focus on in 2022

Whether your business is thriving this year, or you feel like you’re ready to pull the emergency brake and ask to get off, there are specific things you need to be focusing on in order to help your business finish the year strong. 

Not only do these things result in a healthier business, but they will also serve to keep you grounded when you face the unexpected. 

Stay calm. We’ve got your protocols covered. 

Screen Shot 2022-06-22 at 1.10.19 PM (2)Wellness

Look, it doesn’t matter how well you think you are mentally, emotionally, or physically. This year has been hard. 

And if you don’t have checks in place to make sure you and your team are protecting your overall wellness, you are going to see cracks and issues surface. 

  • Culture. No matter what kind of season you are in – feast or famine – it’s important to always go back to the basics, the fundamentals of what you do. This is why the Last Dance has so many clips of the Chicago Bulls running drills. For businesses, this means going back to the heart of who you are and reminding yourself and your team of your culture and your values
  • Intentional time off. It is wisdom, not weakness, to regularly take time away from work. Einstein was notorious for using music to help his brain reset – and the results were theories that are still being proven and used today. When you take a break to experience a new place or different rhythms, it’s good for your heart, mind, and work. Help your team take this meaningful time off on a regular basis so that they can be all in when they are actually working. 
  • Community. Roller coasters are always more fun when you ride them with someone else – 2022 is no exception. Creating a healthy work community strengthens your team’s ability to care for one another well. Whether it’s covering for a co-worker, tackling a difficult client, or meeting an urgent deadline, it’s far easier to have all hands on deck when you actually respect and have a good relationship with your teammates. 

Finances and Operations

Talking about money is hard for so many of us. But for your business, the end results are worth any discomfort or awkwardness. 


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Having healthy finances and smooth operations is one of the most important things you can do to care for your team well. Obviously, a lot goes into these things, but here are three emphases to guide you. 

  • Evaluate your budget.  Chances are pretty high that there is something you can cut within your expenses and budget. Doing this positions your company to better withstand the inevitable ups and downs of business growth and development. While it’s not always fun to tighten your financial belt, it also presents a unique opportunity to be creative with what you do spend, and how you save. For example, just because you don’t have the funds to throw a lavish Cinco de Mayo party doesn’t mean your team can’t put together a great potluck fiesta. Not only do you still benefit from time together (ahem, community), but you actually let your team have a more active role. Besides, homemade is always better than store-bought. 
  • Focus on profitability. The more ruthless you are in cutting your expenses, the more freedom you can experience down the road. It’s really important to ask yourself, “Do we want what that means?” The intent behind this question is to focus on the consequences of every financial decision you make. A yes to something now could be a no to something later, and vice versa. While there are no magic 8 balls to help you evaluate every financial decision, you can be sure it’s a positive to focus on profitability. 

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  • Excel in customer care and satisfaction. Healthy finances are one aspect of ensuring your business is poised for any roller coaster curve. But caring for customers well is another. Focusing on wellness positions your team to be successful in serving clients. But you also need to have tools that help you track your team’s time, manage projects from beginning to end, and standards for communication so that there are no balls dropped in the services you provide. 

Digital Presence

You can have the “wellest” team there ever was. You can have the healthiest budget and the most intentional operations of all time. 

roller coaster

But if you don’t also have a way to consistently generate revenue, how far through the roller coaster do you actually think you will get?

This kind of revenue generation requires a strong digital presence. It is not optional. You can’t fudge it or approach it halfheartedly. 

Instead, you have to excel at it. 

  • Why it matters more than ever. Having a strong presence allows you to connect with customers and prospects right where they’re already spending a significant amount of their time. We were a digital-first world before the pandemic, but the past two years have only solidified the ways consumers go online to find solutions for problems. And this fact also makes it easier for your potential customers to use anyone across the globe to meet their needs. (Think of how often you purchase something on Amazon that you know you could find at your neighborhood store.)
  • Start with your website. If we have said it once here, we’ve said it a hundred times. Your website is the most important, valuable resource in your marketing arsenal. It’s easier to keep clean than any physical location, it’s relatively inexpensive to update, and unlike your sales team, it never sleeps. If you’re not sure whether or not your website is built to work for you in this way, check out our free website grader. 
  • Revenue generation. When your team is well cared for, your finances are healthy, and your operations are in order, your company will care for your clients well. But in order to reach and maintain a certain level of profitability, as well as achieve your financial goals, you also have to bring in new revenue. And that starts with your website and your presence online. Without these things, you will not be able to connect with prospects during their buyer’s journey and earn their trust. 

Do You Have What You Need to Finish 2022 Strong?

It’s pretty crazy to realize that this year is at its halfway point. Regardless of whether that delights or frightens you, it’s crucial that your business is in a place to finish the year strong. 

Most importantly, this means that your digital presence needs to help you generate revenue. And that’s where we can help. For over a decade, our team has perfected the art (and the science) of crafting digital solutions that lead to growth. From websites to branding to digital campaigns, we do it all, produce it all, and measure it all to ensure that every aspect of your digital ecosystem exists to help you grow and become more profitable. 

Don’t spend the second half of this year wondering how you’re going to achieve the growth you need. Stay calm, and let’s execute your protocols.

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