Digital Marketing

Harness the Synergy of SEO and Social Media

Harness the Synergy of SEO and Social Media

Ready to have a strong digital presence in your industry? Then you need synergy. We’re talking about a planned marketing attack with effective SEO...

Website Design

Immersive, Intuitive, Irresistible Web Design

As the digital landscape continues to evolve at breakneck speed, web design trends have become the bellwether for businesses looking to captivate their audiences. And let's be real, who doesn't love...

Website Design

What's A Sitemap & Why Do You Need One?

The Newbies' Guide to a Sitemap & Why You Need One Terms like "Sitemap," "HTML," and "XML" might sound like jargon reserved for tech experts. But for those who are diving head first into the world of...

Branding and Positioning

Trust-Building Tactics: Crafting a Compliant Brand Image

In industries where following the rules is vital for maintaining trust, it’s crucial to build a brand that adheres to regulations but still allows creativity to flow. Let’s take a look at how...

Digital Marketing

Emails & Marketing Updates for Yahoo and Google Senders

Click to Send: Complying with Google & Yahoo's Latest Email Updates If you've spent time, energy, and money laboring over an email campaign only to have it bounce back from half of your recipients,...

Business Growth and Sales

Small Business Growth Cycle

Thriving: 5 Stages of a Business's Evolution When you set out to start your business, you may not have realized it would be like raising a child. It requires nurturing, which means you invest time,...

Website Design

Behind The Project: Downtown LBK Website

A downtown area is the driving force behind a city. When Primitive began this project with Downtown LBK (DLBK)and the Lubbock Economic Development Alliance (LEDA), that is what they wanted this...


Our Guide to Taking a Sabbatical

Here at Primitive, we celebrate our employees' dedication with intentional time off. We get a lot of questions about the work culture we've created and the ways we care for our team–especially when...

Branding and Positioning

Laying the Foundation for Effective Brand Strategy

Crafting a killer brand strategy is more intricate than whipping up a snazzy logo or posting catchy slogans. It flavors your brand with purpose, values, and a unique charm so that it stands out in...