Digital Marketing

Digital Solutions for a Low-Touch World

We have been in the throws of multiple, unprecedented changes – often one after the next after the next. And although change can sometimes produce a bitter taste in our mouths, it’s critical as...

Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing vs. Social Media Management

For the past few years, marketing blogs and websites have talked about the importance of your business’s online presence. You’ve probably read phrases like, “Your audience is online more than ever,”...


The Do's and Don'ts of a Zoom Call

In today’s digital world, video calls have become as commonplace as audio ones. With tools like Skype, FaceTime, and video conferencing software and applications, calling and seeing someone on the...

Business Growth and Sales

6 Steps to Conducting a Sales Audit

When you evaluate your business, you probably think long and hard about things like your marketing strategy, your overall budget and ways to trim, or your company culture and whether or not it is...

Digital Marketing, Lead Generation

The Power of a CTA

Your website is a powerful marketing tool, one that is increasing in its importance and necessity. (Thank you, quarantine.) Unlike any other asset you have, it’s always open and available to greet...

Website Design

10 Website Definitions to Know

When you’re dealing with your website, you might feel the need to carry around a dictionary just to understand all the different words that are used. If you’ve ever felt the need to speak another...

Website Design

Common Web Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Many business owners have long realized the importance of their website. But a good site is literally more important right now than it has ever been before. And with many businesses forced to close...

Digital Marketing

The Impact Digital Ads Have on Your Brick and Mortar

Part of being a business owner means constantly evaluating your income and expenses, and that has never been more true than it is now. Many businesses find themselves in a position where they need to...

Website Design

Website Branding Guidelines That Get Customers from Reading to Buying

There are two ways to think about your website: proof of life for your business and a 24/7 money maker. And while it is good to have proof of life (and proof you’re not a scam), your website should...