BLOG Tangible Benefits of a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

Tangible Benefits of a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

POSTED BY The Prim Pack | Apr 29, 2022

As marketers working in 2022, we have no choice but to operate in a climate of constantly changing and ever-evolving messages. In a place and time where things move at the speed of someone scrolling through their feed, it’s essential to have a grasp on which of your marketing strategies are working and which of them aren’t.

Enter digital marketing. 

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing is focused, narrowed, and a far superior tool that is capable of much, much more. The single most important factor that puts digital marketing above its predecessor is its ability to help you measure your SMART goals as well as the success of your marketing strategy.

When your organization opts to grow your business by creating a digital marketing campaign, you gain access to a variety of web traffic and conversion metrics that would otherwise be foregone. These include:

  • Total visits, time spent, and bounce rate
  • Total conversions from landing pages
  • Click-through rates
  • Lead/close ratio
  • Social media content/ads success and performance analytics
  • Email campaign performance
  • Customer conversion rates

Taking advantage of metrics like these empowers you and your team to make informed and calculated decisions on both how and when you should alter your course of action in your digital marketing strategy. Is your strategy working? Is your strategy falling short of your goals? What could be done differently to ensure that your message makes it to your target audience, and sticks?

If you’ve found yourself mulling over these questions, rest assured you’re not alone. 

Here are few of the great tools on the market that can help provide you with these answers and more.


HubSpot is like the Swiss Army Knife of the digital marketing space, and can arguably be classified as the perfect one-stop shop for comprehensive digital marketing. 

As one of the top CMS platforms in 2020, HubSpot aids in the ability to: 

  • Track goals
  • Create websites and landing pages (automatically optimized for search engines and revised to reflect the most recent Google Analytics update)
  • Compile customized reports onto a single dashboard
  • Analyze what’s working/not working
  • And much more 

Suffice it to say, HubSpot is our preferred “bread and butter” and a tool we use for all of Primitive’s inbound clients.

Google Analytics

As a staple for most businesses, Google Analytics is a free way to thoroughly evaluate your company’s website performance. This robust tool can:

  1. Track campaigns
  2. Create custom reports
  3. Integrate with other tools
  4. Create a roadmap that identifies where traffic is coming from
  5. Rank your web pages
  6. Compare bounce rates with exit rates


As the sheer volume of social media platforms and applications continues to increase, so do the attention organization’s are placing on these mediums to help communicate their brand’s identity. 

As a solution focusing primarily on managing and tracking the content displayed on your company’s social media platforms, Hootsuite is a software that offers convenient publishing and monitoring tools at a competitive value.

Some of the immediate benefits when using Hootsuite are:

  • Monitor multiple social media streams
  • Easily view data and metrics
  • Schedule posts in advance
  • Share content with your followers
  • Connect/engage with target audience
  • Collaborate with your team (multiple members are allowed)

While most social media networks offer free, robust analytics that can help you gauge the success of your messages and track ad performance, it’s the work performed in the details that can set your business apart from the competition. 

Curious how you can apply all that digital marketing has to offer to your brand?

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