the building of hubspot theme stitched
Website Design

The Building of Stitched

It all started with an offhand comment. But, isn’t that how all the best stories start?

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understand the qa process
Website Design

Understanding the QA and Testing Process

Before we talk about QA and testing, you need to be in the right headspace. So, take a minute. Breathe. Center yourself. And take another breath. 

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build a brand book
Branding and Positioning

When a Messaging Style Guide Isn’t Enough: Building a Brand Book

At Primitive we create brand books for our clients. To us, a brand book captures the visual look of your brand, your why, and how you’re writing about your products or services. This description ...

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using your buyer personas
Digital Marketing

How to Use a Buyer Persona

You hired an amazingly talented marketing company to do marketing research for your company. Such a win! And you were thrilled to see the package included buyer personas. You’ve read about buyer ...

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Say yes to custom software
Software Development

3 Reasons to Say Yes to Custom Software

The project management system crashes for the second time today—the 4th time this week. Suddenly your Slack blows up, the whole team is frustrated, and you can’t find that linked document you need. ...

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Inbound 2021
Digital Marketing

Inbound 2021: Continuing Education Leads to Higher Sales

Let me let you in on a not-so-secret, secret: even experts need continuing education. It’s easy for any organization to get wrapped up in serving clients that they fail to make time to improve ...

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iOS15 effects on your business
Digital Marketing

What iOS 15 Means For Your Business

A wave of marketing panic broke out in June after Apple announced major privacy and feature changes for the next operating system update. Spoiler: take a deep breath, make sure you have your towel, ...

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sales and marketing alignment
Business Growth and Sales

Why Sales and Marketing Alignment Leads to Satisfied Clients (and Staff)

Typical vertical company organization puts sales and marketing teams in different departments. And while both these teams don’t do the same job, separating them leads to more work, less satisfied ...

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Website branding guidelines
Website Design

Website Branding Guidelines That Get Customers from Reading to Buying

There are two ways to think about your website: proof of life for your business and a 24/7 money maker. And while it is good to have proof of life (and proof you’re not a scam), your website should ...

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Why Growth Driven Design?

The growth-driven design process addresses many of the issues that come with traditional web design. Because you are working with a web design and development team on a monthly basis, they are much more able to know what your site needs in real time. You have the ability to test and analyze the performance of certain pages or CTAs and keep making measured adjustments to convert on a regular basis.

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