BLOG Revenue Generation Ideas for Your Home Service Business

Revenue Generation Ideas for Your Home Service Business

POSTED BY The Prim Pack | Mar 3, 2021

Is your phone ringing off the hook? 

Wait, scratch that. We’re in 2021.

Is your EMAIL pinging like crazy? 

My guess is, if you’re reading this, probably not. 

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in the home service business for a while, the warm leads we envision filling our pipeline don’t always meet expectations.

Luckily, the leap from an empty inbox to a packed one doesn’t have to be a 100% pure testament to the length of hardship one can endure like we once thought was a prerequisite to entrepreneurship. 

In fact, a little strategic prioritization of your online presence could be just the ticket to your next

High-value content

When homeowners need a contractor, plumber, landscaper, roofer, etc., they go online. 

But not directly to your website. (They don’t know who you are yet!) They go straight to their search engine of choice, with Google being the king of kings in that department. 

That’s where SEO comes in. 

In other words, SEO is like a homing beacon for your website. When your online content is strategically infused with keywords your ideal audience is searching for, you’ll show up as the most relevant business according to their needs.

But, not so fast. That might sound easy enough, but SEO is not a set-it-and-forget-it, one-and-done type of thing.

It’s actually a little bit complicated and a whole-bit nuanced. We like to say it’s more science than art. But even as we say that, it can (and should) definitely be done by any home service business in order to generate leads which ultimately generates revenue. 

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Email marketing has been around for decades and, I can safely say, has no end in sight.


Because it’s incredibly cost-efficient and has a critical digital marketing element built-in to its infrastructure – the ability to allow for personalization. 

Personalization can be as simple as including the recipient’s name in the greeting and including an on-brand emoji, to offering promotions that target your recipient’s purchasing history, needs, location, etc. 

By strategically collecting user data in a CRM (customer relationship management) system like HubSpot, and personalizing your email marketing content, you can immediately work towards counteracting the negative aspects that come coupled with a lack of personalization.

  • 71% of young homeowners (millennials) feel frustrated when brands send irrelevant emails.
  • 67% of consumers believe brands should automatically personalize their content based on the current context. 42% of consumers will "get annoyed" if they don’t.

And emphasizing the positive


  • 73% of millennials say email is their preferred method of communication with businesses.
  • Emails that include a customer’s first name or an emoji have a higher clickthrough rate than those that don't.

Personalization of your content can come in many different forms. How you choose to dictate those forms is up to you and your brand strategy. 

The key is that the data shows that baking it into your strategy draws almost immediate results, and directly benefits your business’s growth. 

Prioritize Reviews (and Recommendations!)

People want to work with people they trust, especially when that work is being done in/on their home. 

However, we’re seeing a dramatic shift in recommendations being in-person to online. 

For example, Facebook and other social media platforms have introduced recommendation features that show when users are seeking out recommendations for services and products from their friends and family.

Here’s an example.

social media recommendations 


With these features going mainstream, it’s even more evident the importance of prioritizing your online reputation. 

One of the best ways to do this is by utilizing tools that encourage and respond to customer reviews on multiple platforms. This type of reputation management nurtures your clients in a way that cements a high-quality, online reputation and generates warm leads that turn into revenue. 

There’s no question about it. Being an entrepreneur is hard work. It takes a lot of heart, grit, determination, and patience.

However, for all of those reasons and more, it’s important to partner with an ally that thrives on executing strategies geared toward your home business goals and to help take the stress off of your already full plate. 

Because you deserve to hear the beautiful sound of

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