Peoples Bank is a community bank with branches in West Texas and Central Texas. They've provided personal and business banking services since 1999 and expanded to offer home loans in 2004. They're a bank where every customer is more than an account; they're known.



+ objective

Throughout this website project, our main goal was to align the client’s goals and user expectations. This meant achieving a distinct brand that was equal parts science-driven and approachable. We sought for the brand’s logo and messaging style to be instantly perceived as fresh, simple, and friendly.


Web Design



Peoples Bank is a long-time Primitive partner. We worked with them on a full digital package, creating custom, strategic social media and updating their website. They wanted a cohesive brand built around their friendly, community-based tagline, "People You Know."


For the website, we built a UX-friendly experience that uses a calming, inviting color palette and heavily features their staff. If you're looking to bank with people you know, it's good to see their faces before you walk in the door.

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+ outcomes

In the early stages, we worked alongside People's Bank to understand their goals and ideal user. We worked to help educate and inform their audience on their services, market trends, and best practices through tailored web content. When we pairing their custom website with our social media engagement posts, they've experienced a 33% increase of website traffic through Facebook alone.