Dr. Christopher Miars

Dr. Christopher Miars is a Waco, TX-based sports medicine doctor with 20+ Years in sports medicine. He's served as a D1 team physician and has a registered RMSK specialty certification. His goal for his practice is to bring back movement and vitality to his clients' lives so they can pursue what they love.


for Technical Practices

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As a successful member of a Waco-based practice, Dr. Miars came to us to find and track new patient referrals AND set himself apart from doctors with related certifications and practice focuses. Given his technical industry, we worked closely with Dr. Miars to create a website that accurately reflected his goals for his clients.


Website Design



We started with a process to help us gain clarity on his vision for his new website. As we compared his old website to his vision for his new one, we were able to develop a solid design that would effectively reach his goals. Through this process we were able to fine-tune the content and pages of the new website, accurately representing what services Dr. Miars provides to his patients.


Together, we built a site designed to be user-friendly, educate potential patients about his services, and showcase his expertise. Over the course of a few months, we created a site that guides potential clients by educating them about his main goal: to help them get back to the movement they love with minimally invasive treatment.

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After launching the new website, Dr. Miars started receiving new leads by way of form submissions, which rarely happened with his old website. In fact, he had 2,400 site visits in the first month of its launch! We're proud to support hard-working practices like Dr. Miars.