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After laying the groundwork for sam™ through our branding project, creating a website was a natural next step. We tailored a website to create an experience for the user that would help them manage chronic health conditions.


Creating A Partner

in Health

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Throughout this branding project, our main goal was to align the client’s goals and user expectations. This meant achieving a distinct brand that was equal parts science-driven and approachable. We sought for the brand’s logo and messaging style to be instantly perceived as fresh, simple, and friendly.


Website Design



We had already partnered with sam™ to understand the vision for their app and create cohesive branding assets. The sam™ website was an extension of that process. We met with Dr. Galyean, Dr. Childress, and Dr. Acorn to learn more about their typical patients, the website, and the app's audience. We spent significant amounts of time understanding how a user would access the app, the types of chronic illnesses the app included plans for, and thinking through obstacles in the way of potential users subscribing to the app.


Our web strategies took this information and created a website based on narrative concepts of making the potential user the hero of their own story. Copy followed this concept, helping weave what the user's ideal end state would be after using the app to help manage their chronic health condition.


The design team used the predetermined branding and created a fun and inviting website design. This is crucial because health, food, and medicine can feel intimate and vulnerable. We wanted the user to feel welcome and at ease so they could find a partner to live a more full life.

samweb Mockup


In the early stages, we worked alongside the client to understand their goals and ideal user. Through this phase, we identified industry challenges that our client sought to overcome with their product. From here, we defined the personality and voice pillars that captured the brand and its mission.