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What Makes Content Marketing So Effective?

POSTED BY The Prim Pack | Feb 23, 2022

One of the best things about Disney+ has been the opportunity to share with my kids some of the shows I watched when I was their age. We laugh about how styles have changed, how ridiculous some episodes were, and how far special effects have come since I was a teenager. But while I’m laughing on the outside, on the inside, I’m cringing at how old I feel because of how much has changed. 

Sometimes, I feel that way in the world of digital marketing. I mean, I’m old enough to remember when a post on Facebook was just text. I can remember when just having a website made a company up and coming. I can remember the first time I saw QR codes and thought, “Are these even worth it?”

But even as the world of digital marketing seems to be changing by the second, there are some aspects of it that hold true and stand the test of time. One of those is content marketing. (No, it’s not separate from digital marketing, it’s just an aspect of it. Unfortunately, names don’t always change with the tools.) Regardless of how things change, content remains effective and essential. 

What is Content?

Before we dive into why content marketing is so effective, let’s take a quick refresher on what content is. Whenever we use the word content, it’s very easy to focus on just words (blogs, emails, ebooks, etc.). While this is a very important type of content, it’s not exclusive. Content includes these things as well as podcasts, videos, and more. Essentially, content is anything you create for your audience’s value: such as offers, blogs, newsletters, videos or webinars, podcasts, etc. The key is that it should be relevant, valuable, and educational about how your business can solve your customers’ needs. 

Content marketing involves the creation and distribution of this content: through your blog, social media, email, and more. This distribution is intended to reach your target audience where they are spending the majority of their time. 

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Why is Content Marketing So Effective?

So far, we haven’t really told you anything you didn’t already know. But have you ever stopped to think about what makes content marketing so effective? Why invest your time here?

  1. Content marketing is timeless. Regardless of how things continue to evolve and change, your audience is going to consume content: they’re going to watch videos, they’re going to listen to podcasts, and they’re going to read emails. There will be tweaks and evolutions, but the principle of content being important and essential isn’t going anywhere. 
  2. Content is an offering. It’s really important that businesses understand that their customers and prospects have a choice in where they place their attention and trust. Content helps make it worth their while to focus on your business by offering them something of value in return. 
  3. Content creation focuses on your customer. We talk often here about the importance of buyer personas: fictitious representations of your ideal customer. These should shape everything you do, especially the content you create. Because content is one of the few things businesses do that is geared toward customers, it’s incredibly effective in growing your business. 

How Do You Compete for Your Audience’s Attention? 

The only way for your business to grow is to both care well for the customers you have and earn the trust and attention of new customers. But to earn that trust and attention, you have to stand out from all the many things competing for your audience.

Content marketing allows you to offer your audience something that is valuable, engaging, and educational. Without it, you will not be able to cultivate meaningful relationships with people you hope to convert to customers. 

This isn’t something we just try to preach without practicing. We do our best to offer high-quality content that provides value and expertise for our audience. Want to see it for yourself? Subscribe to our blog below!

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