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How to Generate Emails With Content Offers

POSTED BY The Prim Pack | Jul 23, 2020

In today’s digital world, earning contact information (like an email address) from prospective customers is a powerful way to build relationships, provide prospects with valuable information for making decisions, and earn the trust of new customers.

But while we know that building a database of interested contacts will help grow your business, doing it is another thing altogether. That’s where content offers come in. These offers are an effective way to generate emails you can nurture. Here are three ways to generate emails with content offers.

Create Content Offers of Great Value

If your ideal customer isn’t likely to find your offer valuable or engaging, how on earth can you expect them to actually download it? Make sure your content offers are desirable to potential contacts by tailoring them to fit your buyer personas. Use what you know about these representations of your ideal customers to create ebooks and other content offers that are helpful and engaging, that answer questions prospects have, and actually help solve problems. 

Correlate Form Length with Offer Value


Prospects are much more likely to download an offer when the form they are required to fill out for it is similar to the offer in length and intensity. For example, if you’re distributing a fairly short, introductory infographic that helps prospective customers figure out whether or not a backyard pool is right for them, the form required to download this infographic shouldn’t ask someone to fill out 20 different things. Likewise, an incredibly in-depth, extensive case study showing the value of a certain kind of water pump could be expected to require more than just a prospect’s name and email address on the form.

Distribute Your Offers to Increase Reach

Once you have created your content offer and the form to accompany it, you want to distribute it through different channels to begin the process of email generation. While the means of doing this will vary from business to business, here is a basic plan to get you started.

  • Include a link to the offer in an email to current customers, asking them to share with any of their personal contacts who might find it valuable.
  • Share a link to the offer on your company’s social channels with a quick blurb about who might find it helpful.
  • Create a series of blog posts that include a CTA pointing readers to the offer. 
  • Share links to the above blog posts on social media.
  • Create an ad on social channels linking to the offer. 

Lead generation is just one component of an effective digital marketing strategy. Once you have generated emails for your database, you need to nurture your relationship with them, be intentional about addressing their problems, and help them decide whether to become a customer or to go in a different direction to solve their problem. In many ways, email generation is just the tip of the iceberg.

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