BLOG 2022 B2B Social Media Marketing Trends

2022 B2B Social Media Marketing Trends

POSTED BY Alison Quisenberry | Apr 1, 2022

Being the next brand on social media with the prettiest pictures, funniest memes, or most meaningful stories right now is a cut-throat competition. As soon as small and large businesses realized what social media could do for their brand awareness and profits, the game began. Whether the goal was to reach the audience of their local town, or users across the world, businesses started pumping out content in hopes of all-around growth. 

But how can you curate social media marketing content that will actually make a difference? We get it! You want to see a return. These three tips are some of this year’s current trends on how to produce intentional, effective content in the ever-changing, ever-evolving world of social media. 

Tell A Story

Now more than ever, people want to make a connection with a brand. Although B2B marketing is from business to business, there is always a person on the other end of the phone or computer. Share your motivations, history, passion for your craft, and ambitions. And when businesses identify with those same factors, the idea of an aligned partnership blossoms. 

An effortless way to do this is: intentional organic content. This doesn’t mean paid content is a bad idea. We’ll discuss the opposite in a moment; however, unpaid can be valuable as well. Content created with the purpose of showing who you are as a business with employee spotlights or testimonials, behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, or “day in the life” highlights are all ways you can give your audience a look inside your organization to build stronger connections and increase your credibility as a brand who is passionate about their product or service. 

Boosted and Focused Ads

This year, Hubspot found that 51% of marketers who leverage social media plan to increase their investment in social media marketing. The most used and successful platforms in B2B marketing are Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Finding a forward-thinking digital strategist with the knowledge and plans for how to best optimize these platforms will be the key to success in getting the best bang for your buck with paid social media. 

Two easy and effective ways to focus your ads for social media are honing in on targeted demographics and short-form or “brief” video content. MarketingTrends-02

By refining your target market, not only are you reaching the proper audience, it saves you money. When spending money on advertising, you want to ensure the eyes on your ads have the potential to turn into conversions. A great way to narrow down your target audience is through the use of buyer personas. These fictional “clients” or “customers” are specific individuals whose characteristics complement your brand well. Starting with these personas gives you an informed foundation on where to begin. 

When creating content for ads, your goal is to stop the scroll. Using short-form copy or videos doesn’t allow time for the viewer to become bored. They are ingesting every bit of the information you have intended and when it is seen by the right internal marketer, bringing your business meaningful leads.  

Utilize Undervalued Platforms 

We have already mentioned the top used platforms by B2B businesses, but that doesn’t mean the others can’t grow your business too. Forbes contributes the success of these two platforms to their visual format – hypothesizing that it decreases the possibility of scroller’s fatigue. 

Tik Tok: We know this one can be scary. It’s new and has taken the world by storm. But high school students, influencers, and businesses alike have all agreed – once they dove in head first, the numbers speak for themselves. This platform is the perfect space for the short-form video content mentioned. According to Business of Apps, Tik Tok brings in 1.2 billion monthly users. Doesn’t it make you wonder: how many of those people can be a valuable asset to your business? 

Pinterest: Pinterest is basically the exact opposite of Tik Tok. It’s older (created in 2010) and so are its users; however, it is recently being used in a different way than ever before. Similar to Google or Yahoo, people are using it much like a search engine. So, imagine someone searching the app and your business or product being the result. Businesses work so hard to be the first link Googlers see. Give it a go with Pinterest. 

Ready to implement these strategies? Leave it to the professionals. Here at Primitive, our team is made up of digital strategists, ad specialists, copywriters, and graphic designers who are the best at what they do. With your goals and expectations at the forefront, we can spend time as a team creating a game plan for your business’s social media marketing success. Let’s talk.

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