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sam™ is an app founded by three dietitians that seek to bring a mobile solution to people with chronic illnesses like high blood pressure and diabetes. Through sam™, users can find custom meal plans, recipes, and education built around their specific conditions, preferences, and goals.


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Throughout this branding project, our main goal was to align the client's goals and user expectations. This meant achieving a distinct brand that was equal parts science-driven and approachable. We sought for the brand's logo and messaging style to be instantly perceived as fresh, simple, and friendly.




Gold ADDY - Branding Guide

Gold ADDY - Logo

ADDY Judge’s Choice - Branding Guide

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In the early stages, we worked alongside the client to understand their goals and ideal user. Through this phase, we identified industry challenges that our client sought to overcome with their product. From here, we defined the personality and voice pillars that captured the brand and its mission.


Once we had an understanding of our client’s goals, solidified deliverables, and a timetable, we began working on initial concepts the sam™ logo and visual identity. In this phase, we worked closely with the client in a review and revision process that ultimately resulted in a logo and visual identity that all parties were thrilled with. The new logo captured the core values of the brand with a simple, fresh, welcoming, and trustworthy look.


Following the logo, we developed branding guidelines that included all creative assets with detailed instructions for use.

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In the end, Primitive created a robust brand that achieved all of the client's goals while catering to user needs. Through a new logo, messaging guide, and branding guidelines, sam™ received all of the assets they needed to launch their brand effectively and consistently across channels.