red raider club

For nearly 70 years, the Red Raider Club has been the chief philanthropic arm in supporting Texas Tech student-athletes in the classroom and at the highest levels of competition in order to elevate Texas Tech Athletics among the best collegiate athletics programs in the country.


Red Raider Club

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Red Raider Club came to Primitive with the goal of rebranding and creating a new website. They wanted their new brand to represent how dynamic and caring their organization is and their website to reflect the same message.





For Red Raider Club's website, we partnered with an academic messaging company hired by Red Raider Club to do extensive audience research. After this company completed its research, we were able to read through its messaging recommendations and guidelines to help meet Red Raider Club's sustainability and fundraising goals.


This site was a collaborative experience between design, strategy, and copy. We explored dynamic animations and colors that reflect Texas Tech Athletics (that recognizable scarlet and black) but kept the site from looking like competitors' and partner organizations' that support TTU Athletics. 

The strategy used one page, one goal, and one audience methodology. This focuses on maximizing visitor conversions by keeping each page focused on one goal. The copy used specific word choice and headline hierarchy to convert a knowledgeable, fun, and community-building voice.

rrc_covermock RRC_Guidemock


By the end of this project, even Primitive Pack members who didn't attend TTU were sporting scarlet, black, and Double Ts! Wreck 'Em!