Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning Company Generates 339% ROI

  • Sometimes You Have to Grow Your Company…


    For companies focused on serving clients well, keeping sight of long-term goals can be difficult. Rather than overspending time and resources to master and execute online marketing campaigns and web design in-house, this residential and commercial services company enlisted experts on the journey: Primitive.

  • Driving Year-Over-Year Success Begins with...

    Strategy and a Vision.

    In a three-year partnership, Primitive worked diligently to create a long-term, sustainable digital marketing strategy that supported and addressed upcoming threats, marketing trends, and unique opportunities. 1.55 M Revenue generated 25% Increase in website sessions 2.5 M Impressions on social media 500% Return on investment of ad spend




In 2017, the company chose to pivot their brand identity.

After multiple years of being known as a premier carpet cleaning business, the company wanted to work with Primitive to primarily focus on two goals:

  1. MESSAGING The client’s aim was to further enhance their website, specifically reintroducing their brand to the public as a complete, all-inclusive cleaning company.
  2. EFFICIENCY Instead of using three separate programs that would correlate inbound calls to their appropriate task/function, they wanted to create a singular, custom platform that would sync communication with timely execution.

As a leading provider in both urban and rural areas, choosing to highlight their full list of services across multiple platforms allowed for a more competitive presence across a broader geographical reach. In tandem with the organic promotion of the company’s entire service offerings, the business wanted to develop and implement consistent and measurable campaigns that nurtured existing customers while also increasing their marketing qualified lead MQL generation.




This type of reimagined growth is not uncommon, nor unheard of, but does take intention and strategy.

With the desired goals in hand and top of mind, Primitive set out to develop a roadmap that included:

→ New website
 Lead generation
 Technical SEO
 Greater exposure of service catalog



The company provided valuable insights and service information, that Primitive worked with to identify specific campaign goals.

Primitive focused on harnessing available data via analytics to better inform focus of  ad campaigns, the direction of a new website, and their overall digital marketing strategy.

The key to developing a targeted and effective marketing strategy for this client was to gather enough data to bridge the gap between the client and provider. During this project, Primitive optimized existing Google Ad campaigns and implemented SEO and keyword research to convert marketing qualified leads (MQLs) into new clients.

By analyzing the results of these implementations, combined with strong website analytics, Primitive was able to inform a sustainable and effective long-term digital marketing strategy.

Primitive used full inbound marketing tactics routed through HubSpot to create evergreen, online content, along with over 20 new Google Ad campaigns.




The Intangibles

Tech Stack | Brand Identity | Buyer Personas | Competitive Analysis



Heavy collaboration with the company was utilized in order to leverage existing, internal marketing campaigns for digital ads, increasing the effectiveness of strategies moving forward.

Furthermore, quarterly analysis and a regular meeting cadence kept the client’s goal of being seen as a full-service company and Primitive’s strategy aligned.

  • Brand Identity
  • Creative Studio
  • Website Design
  • Digital Studio


Deep Dive

Previously, the client fell into a habit of using three separate programs to perform fundamental operations for the business.

However, even with multiple tools at their disposal they still weren’t able to capture everything their company both needed and wanted. 

Tangible results = Success

There is a stressed importance, as there should be, on having data when working as a strategic partner. The more snapshots we can take of our starting point, the more we are able to measure, test, iterate, and execute in confidence.

  • Analytics

    Data-backed Growth

    • 339% Return on Investment
  • Web

    → 40% of 2019 Traffic From Organic Search Visits → 25% Increase in Website Sessions → 28% Increase in New Users

  • Google Ads

    • 900 Customers
    • 2,500 MQLs
    • 8,000 Annual Clicks
    • 500% ROI on Ad Spend
    • 300,000 Annual Impressions
  • Social Media

    → 250 Customers → 960 MQLs → 8,700 Interactions → 2,600,000 Impressions → 151% Annual Increase in Social Engagements → 110% Increase in Social Session

  • Email Marketing

    • 300 Email Campaigns
    • 296,00 Emails Sent
    • 99% Delivery Rate
    • 3,800 Clicks
    • 21% Open Rate
    • 6% CTR
  • SEO

    → 6% Increase Organic Search Traffic → 7% Increase Page Health → 96% Site Score

  • Video

    → 42 Motion Graphics → 12 Short to Long Form Videos → 107,000 Total Minutes Viewed → 563,900 Total Views

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