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We create software that fits your goals. It fits your processes. Long gone are the days of one-size-fits-all industry software. Say goodbye to legacy bloat and hello to your work, revolutionized and optimized.

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What is Software?

Software is a vague term. So, what do we mean when we say we can help you with “software”? Maybe you have outgrown or become frustrated with the current system you use. Or maybe you are looking for something to help make your business's process more efficient. Basically, we can improve any digital system or process you use. We can automate manual systems, too. The possibilities are endless.


Don’t know what you need? We’ll analyze challenges, research your market, including existing solutions, and present opportunities.


Bring ideas to life with no commitment to go all-in. Big or small, we can build it.


Still using paper and spreadsheets? We can help optimize these processes for greater efficiency.


Turn common data from spreadsheets or even paper into insightful visualizations and dashboards for faster business decisions.


Simplify workflows by combining multiple software into a unified app; bring specific data needed with smart API strategy.


Could your business processes be more mobile-friendly? Easier access ensures employees and customers can do more, better.


Meet Software Solutions

Software makes the world work. Companies who realize software is a lynchpin for operations are the companies who lead their industries. Industries we’ve solved in:









How Can Primitive Help Me?

Custom means the sky is the limit. Let's talk.

  • AC Uniforms

    Scaling Individual Shopping Experiences.

    Selling apparel to hospitals and medical organizations is complicated. As a major supplier, AC Uniforms needed to present different online stores between their clients. Colors, prices, branding, and payment options were all different. We built a system that allows them to easily manage those differences. We integrated payroll deduction, vendor API for inventory, and UPS for shipping. It's made it simple for them to manage. And easier for their clients to do business with them.  

    • Inventory Integrations
    • Shipping & Notifications
    • Vouchers & Payroll Deduct.
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  • CTOS for Carpet Tech

    Finally, A Company-Wide System That Can Keep Up.

    Chances are your business uses multiple apps strung together because there's nothing out there that totally matches all you do. Carpet Tech does everything from home construction and pest control to floor cleaning and installation. They needed more visibility across verticals. Scheduling, performance metrics, and processes were all too siloed to make the best decisions fast. We helped create CTOS, a fully custom system that's as versatile as they are. 

    • Extensive API Intg.
    • Syncs w/ Quickbooks
    • Custom Widgets
    • Twilio Surveys & Messages
    • Scheduling & Notifications
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  • RPS Solutions

    Same Problem. New Industry Solutions.

    How does a major manufacturer tailor a separate experience for each of their clients knowing they all need different variations of the same things? Similar to AC Uniforms, RPS Solutions was asking that question as an oilfield safety gear manufacturer and supplier. They needed their clients to be able to self-serve within a set of unique parameters. And they needed the setup to be painless in order to scale.  

    • Admin Dashboards
    • Vendor APIs
    • UPS Shipping Integ.
    • Payroll Deduct. Mgmt.
    • Robust Notification System
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  • Fund My Deductible

    Compliance & Interest-Free Payments Management.

    Fund My Deductible is a simple app that solves a complicated problem. FMD automates the deductible collection and compliance in a way that is simple, smart, and safe.

    • Simple UX/UI
    • Payments Including ACH
    • Custom Payment Plans
    • Versatile for Any Contractor
    • Built for In-Field
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  • Quext by Madera Residential

    One SaaS To Rule Them All.

    Apartment industry operations are complex. You have your facilities, landlords, holding company, vendors, and then renters. You need to be able to see renter history and property valuation vs. expense over time; you need to be able to compare this to your complexes in other locations, too. You don't want to look at eight different dashboards. You want one single product that revolutionizes the industry. Or at least Madera Residential did when they tapped us to help create Quext, the central nervous system of their ~60+ apartment complex network across Texas.

    • Advanced UX/UI
    • Open API
    • Microservices
    • Multi-team Dev
    • Continuous Deployment
    • 100k+ User Capable
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  • Hurst Farm Supply

    Automating The Inventory & Sales Process.

    Tracking inventory from the delivery truck to the showroom and out the door is more involved than it should be. And each step introduces margin for error. Hurst Farm Supply wanted to solve their logistics chain in a way that eliminated mistakes, helped market machines, and ultimately saved time. Because when it comes to holding inventory, time is money.

    • Multi-API Integ.
    • Comms & Notifs System
    • Custom Reporting
    • Audit Logs & Archives
    • Permissions & Roles
    • Custom Dashboards
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  • ASCO Equipment

    A Better Way To Showcase Inventory.

    Industry specific software and tools are usually one-size-fits-all. You pay way too much to control way too little. You end up having to change your process to fit the tool. ASCO Equipment was tired of their inventory management software. It was clunky, old-fashioned looking, and it over-complicated their process. We streamlined and tailored a new inventory system that's simple to use and fully configurable in every way. Now more of their equipment is browsable online - which means it's easier than ever to research and buy equipment from one of their 23 locations across Texas and New Mexico.

    • User Management
    • Fully Customizable
    • Fully Branded UI
    • Full Content Ownership
    • Fully Integrated w/ Website
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Faster Results


Research. Design. Develop.

Get usable products faster. Why spend resources planning and theorizing? When you can test quicker, we all iterate better.


Feedback. Launch or Iterate.

Testing an actual product first opens doors. You get to build onto initial ideas. There’s no such thing as scope creep.


Repeat As Needed.

Ready to go live? Want to redesign or add new everything? Agile gives you the control and freedom to do it.

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