BLOG Decoding Website Builders: Is it the Right Move for You?

Decoding Website Builders: Is it the Right Move for You?

POSTED BY Brittany Lewis | Nov 16, 2023

Your business is only as healthy as your brand—especially your online presence through your website. It’s the digital address, the face of your company, and the most easily accessible place to learn more about your product or service. Whether your current website is outdated or starting from scratch, you must know what options are available to create the best impression.
It’s no secret that we build custom websites (pretty spiffy ones, too.✨ Check out our work to see more). Often, clients ask about using website builders and whether or not they are worth their time. So, today, we’re here to unveil all about website builders, and you might be surprised at our take.

What is a website builder?

While its name pretty much gives it away, a website builder is a user-friendly tool to help build a website without knowing digital code. Think of it as a DIY assisted approach. Essentially, a user can use drag-and-drop features that take care of all of the heavy lifting (technically speaking). Website builders can help you develop an online presence if you have the time to devote to it.

Two web builder types

Before using a website builder tool, you must decide which type of builder you want to use. There are both offline and online tools.
The appeal to offline builders is that you don’t have to connect online to build the site. Instead, you download software and get to work. The downside to these programs is that they typically require more technical knowledge than your online web builder options. And the hosting service is usually separate. So, once you build your website, you will need to upload it to the host.
Their counterpart is an online web builder which are used in a web application and typically have a hosting service, too. You log in to the online platform and start your build from there.
Some of the most well-known web builder platforms are:

- Wix

- Squarespace

- Shopify

- GoDaddy


How does it work?

With easy-to-use tools, like the drag-and-drop features, you can create a simple website in a relatively short time span. If you lack experience, the builders keep it straight foward. Most builders have templates, so you don’t have to create much in the way of design. You choose the template that best fits your brand. But, when it comes to your website’s actual content, it is all up to you. That means images, headlines, website copy, and even SEO strategy lean on you. When it comes to using web builders, the simpler your website, the easier it is to manage.
For freelancers, artists, and even some small businesses, this idea might be appealing. They keep creative control and can update content whenever they want to. However, for your website to be effective, it is an absolute necessity to maintain the site and keep the content fresh.


Our Pack’s Perspective

From our perspective, website builder tools have their place in the digital world. If you’re looking for a low-cost, quick-moving process AND have the bandwidth to hack away and build it, this is a viable option. We’ve seen that they work best for smaller businesses and freelancers who can also carve out extra time to devote to their success.
If you want to learn more about the Pros and Cons of Web Builder Tools, we have more info here. Whether you decide to use a web builder tool or partner with us, remember your goal is to build your brand and drive traffic to your door.


Tells that you need a custom site

  • Your business is growing, and your site needs to expand
  • You need to delegate so you can focus on your business
  • You are unsure about your brand’s overall impression
  • You don’t have the time to build your own website
  • You want attention-grabbing, specialized details
  • You don’t have the time to learn SEO strategies


Delivering Wonder and Wow

When we sit across the table from a client to start the web design process, we have an entire team with specialized industry knowledge at the ready. Our award-winning design team uses their eye for fresh images and color schemes to ensure every image not only pops but speaks your brand's vision. Our expert Dev team, who lives code every day, delivers custom user experiences through animations and site functionality that pushes the boundaries of creativity. With us, every piece of your website, from the first headline to the last clickable link in the footer, will project your brand in a cohesive approach that engages your audience. We handle it all.
Ready to stake your claim to a shiny new website? We're standing by, ready to lead your business to its successful marketing journey.
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