BLOG Building a Sizzling Brand Through Social Media

Building a Sizzling Brand Through Social Media

POSTED BY Brittany Lewis | Nov 27, 2023

Click. Swipe. Scroll.
Social media is all about connection. Since its not-so-gentle takeover the last two decades, it has changed life as we know it. Think about it. Through a few emojis, thoughtfully captured selfies, or captioned text, you can decipher someone's 'vibe.' Your friends instantly capture a moment, and you interact with the moment, too. You even form opinions based on the image they project. You decide if you want to be part of their tribe or if you want to block their posts. It's organic and REEL (see what I did there? 😉). With that kind of engagement, social media has a massive force behind it.
Still unconvinced? Check out these stats.
- There are 4.89 billion social media users across the globe
- Users spend an average of 151 minutes a day spent on social media
That's influence. So, what happens when we combine the influence of social media with effective, strategic branding?


Insta Consumer/Brand Connection

When your business brand has a cohesive, fluid social media presence, magic happens. It's a little more subtle than the wave of a wand, but it has its own kind of sparkle. Perhaps this is because it provides genuine feedback. Here's what I mean.
Nothing stands between your business's post and the consumer. You receive direct consumer reactions. Even better is when users share a post on their feed or leave comments. A single post offers instant access to your consumer's feelings toward your brand. This crucial information can help leverage your product or service to stand out against competitors.
Because of social media, branding has definitely changed over the years. It's even more powerful. But for the sake of all things marketing, you must know how to send the right vibe. Here are some tips to help master this art.
  2. Choose the right platform for your consumer
There are many social media platforms, and they are not all created equally. Each platform is utilized in different ways for different purposes. The most notable platforms are Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and X (formerly Twitter). For instance, Instagram is much more relaxed, so you wouldn't choose Instagram as your primary social media platform if you were an injury law firm. Your best match would likely be LinkedIn, which takes a more professional tone. Using more than one social media platform is a great idea. Just make sure you tailor each post to the specific audience on that platform.
  2. Create content that captivates and engages
When we say content, we mean any images, text, or videos pushed out on social. Posts should be meaningful for your audience. Otherwise, they will keep scrolling. For instance, a well-captured photo of your employees chatting with a thoughtful caption can provide insight into your business. Pair that with a clear call to action, and it's a winner. A post like this communicates professionalism, community, and a positive environment. This supports a positive brand image and, in turn, builds trust with your audience.
You can also create meaningful content by sharing helpful tips that help solve a common problem. Or you can engage and help your audience by sharing a post from an expert in your industry's field. One of the most eye-catching content forms is short videos. Approaching Reels and TikTok is slightly different for businesses than for private users, but these avenues can shape your brand and delight your audiences.
Finally, leveraging user-generated content is one of the simplest ways to build your brand. User-generated content comes in the form of consumer reports, testimonials, Amazon reviews, etc... Basically, it's anything real people say about your product or service. Their positive feedback about their experience means more than what your brand would say about themselves. When real humans give extra time and thought to share their customer experience, it is brand gold! Celebrating these moments on social media can change perceptions and convert skeptics to loyal customers.
  2. Track the Metrics
Tracking social media engagement provides essential direction and insights to ensure you're on the right course. By monitoring metrics such as engagement rates, follower growth, and content performance, you clearly understand what resonates with your audience. These metrics serve as a roadmap, guiding strategic decisions and allowing for the refinement of content and messaging. They illuminate the effectiveness of your social media efforts, enabling you to optimize your brand strategy. That's what we're all about. Tracking metrics is not merely a task; it's a vital tool for steering your brand toward success in the ever-evolving landscape of digital engagement.


Your Branding Partner

At Primitive, our digital strategists thrive on interpreting social media metrics to give our clients that competitive edge. They collaborate with our copy and design teams to see what is working and where we need to pivot. Because when it comes to building a brand through social media that is definitely something we are passionate about.
Need a branding partner? Drop us a line.
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About the writer, Brittany Lewis

Brittany is a copywriter at Primitive and enjoys connecting with people, exploring new ideas, and expressing thoughts through written language almost as much as she loves a latte. As a Texas Tech University graduate, she is a Red Raider through and through. She graduated with honors in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts in English. Since then, she has spent a large part of her career in the field of education, teaching English to secondary students and working in early childhood programs.