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Since 2011 Primitive has been crafting digital solutions for the measured success of our clients. Being the best at any craft takes courage; it requires being intentional with strategy, execution, and, most importantly, connections. Uniting together with Primitive means building a relationship of trust and honesty to tackle the needs and scope of every client project, because, for us, every new problem voices a unique solution.


A Copywriter at Primitive is a position that comes with creative liberty, an opportunity for advancement, and a continuous stream of implementation needs. When looking for someone to fill this role, we look for someone who is able to execute with autonomy, eager to delight clients, and willing to continue learning your craft. Your day-to-day work will vary depending on where you are needed that day. You will succeed in this position if you are able to navigate the waters of tight timelines and changed priorities while still producing quality copy and content.

You could be at home in this position if you are imaginative, proactive, and well-organized. The ideal candidate will have experience in self-paced work, client expectations and needs, extensive knowledge of grammar and spelling, communication, and most importantly, writing prose. While this individual doesn’t necessarily need to be an expert in every aspect of the position, they should be highly skilled and motivated to continue improving their craft. 

Copy is the line-by-line text. The word-for-word, subject and verb, sentence-diagrammed nuggets all strung together in the most optimum way to account for persuasive effect, strategic positioning, SEO, clarity, ease of comprehension, and memorability. This is the writing craft element. 

Content is more general. It is the information that’s being made available by the medium. It includes links out, pdfs, documents, images, videos, and more. Copy is content. Content isn’t just copied though, the two are not interchangeable terms. The Copywriter is responsible for both.


  • Clarity, well-written copy - Ultimately this is a heavy writing position. Copywriters must be extremely proficient in writing effective, polished, natural prose. 

  • Grammar, spelling - Everyone makes mistakes, but your process must include a way that you’re catching 99% of these errors yourself. 

  • Effective research - Process, documentation, and recall about the client’s industry, product and services, and goals. 

  • Delivering on-time - Everything assigned in your sprint must be complete by the end of sprint. 

  • Effective communication - Progress reports, questions being answered on time, and the materials needed are your responsibility. Must communicate. 

  • Virtual autonomy - Generally you will need very little feedback and review on your work. Inconsistency and extended feedback and correction are not normal situations in this position. You will fully own the assignment’s accuracies and inconsistencies. If you find yourself in this position often, you may need to ask better questions about the assignments.    

  • Intern oversight - There are times when you can use an intern for data migration or asset collection and organization. The responsibility for a complete and accurate product is still on you. 

  • Organizing materials - keeping all materials organized in GoogleDrive (or other tools) is an important part of being the first implementer on a big team. It’s your responsibility to store all materials used cleanly in the Copy or Content folder. 

  • Organizing content for delivery - your work must be abundantly clear to the next implementers to use easily. 

  • Remaining available - to all teammates during business hours, to solve last-minute content issues. 

  • Meetings - Meetings with clients or teammates are required. 

  • SEO - As this framework evolves, so must your knowledge about it. A Copywriter is responsible for all on-page SEO as directed by the circumstance and strategy. 

  • Strategically accurate - Copy and content must be in line with the strategy and positioning outlined in the strategy presentation deck. 

  • Understand, in detail, what defines a successful user experience with each portion of a project. 

  • Stay up to date on industry trends and be willing to learn, test, and analyze new conversational approaches through digital communication.

  • Execute administration skills by managing the content and copy of projects.

  • Assist other Copywriters and interns with content migration, copywriting, and overall voicing of projects.


  • You love identifying and solving problems through creative writing

  • You prioritize the user’s experience over your preference

  • You can develop your own to-do lists and tasks by knowing what the expected outcome is

  • You are a collaborative and engaged team member

  • You are organized and a strong manager of time

  • You have the ability to juggle multiple tasks and projects at once

  • You have the ability to take constructive criticism and you seek out and act upon feedback in a timely manner



  • 2+ years of creative writing experience

  • Experience delivering client-focused solutions to specific needs

  • Experience interacting and working with a team in a fast-paced, high-growth environment

Skills & Qualifications:

  • The ability to understand and enhance UX practices for web projects

  • Exceptional problem-solving skills 

  • The ability to work at ‘project-pace’ while still maintaining sharp attention to detail

  • Ability to clearly communicate the concepts and progress of a project to internal stakeholders — This includes the skill of communicating content concepts to a non-technical audience

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