Primitive Employee Spotlight: Jordan Lopez

Posted by Admin | October 12, 2020

Name: Jordan Lopez

Position: Executive Assistant

Location: Fort Worth, Texas


Job Description: 

I am the Executive Assistant to Primitive’s CEO, Kade Wilcox. That entails performing various tasks such as: social media, email, calendar/scheduling, projects and any other professional or personal tasks that Kade needs to carry on with his role effectively. 

Tell us a little about your background.

I graduated from Texas Tech University in May of 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in exercise and sport sciences (concentration in health promotion) and minor in health professions. 

After graduation, I worked as a Facility Support Specialist for TXL Sports Training in Lubbock, who coincidentally, Primitive was running social media for. I helped with membership management, sales, and facility satisfaction. 

After a few months, TXL Sports Training decided to part ways with Primitive and I took on the social media management for the gym. Then after almost two years, TXL decided to close its doors; however, I was fortunate that my bosses were great friends with Primitive’s CTO, Jerred, who set me up an interview with Kade within a few days.

My role has varied and changed over the two years I have been a part of this Primitive team and I have loved every minute of it. I came in knowing close to nothing about managing social media accounts and projects and now it has become second nature to me. 

How did you hear about Primitive? 

Jerred Hurst, Primitive’s co-owner and CTO, was close friends with my old bosses. When they decided to close their company doors, they were nice enough to introduce me to Jerred, who then set up an interview for me with Kade. 

You just recently passed your two year anniversary with Primitive. In what areas of your career have you noticed the most growth in those two years?

I have grown tremendously in my self confidence, my communication skills, and learning how to work outside of my comfort zone. In all honesty, I was a blank slate when I started with Primitive and after two years I feel so confident in what my resume says about me.

What are some tactics you use to stay on top of your inbox and communication?

I keep a book of notes and every week I write a “To-Do” list of what needs to be done/what is happening that week. I have my inbox (and Kade’s three) always open while I am online. My Slack notifications are always turned on, especially on my phone so I can get updates if I am ever offline. 

I feel like being available comes with the territory of being an Executive Assistant and I take pride to make sure I am always there to help.

What are some of your favorite projects you’ve worked on so far?

Choosing a favorite project is like choosing a favorite child, or so I can imagine. I have honestly enjoyed almost everything I have been a part of. My skill set grows with each project and that is probably my favorite thing I love about this job. 

What do you most enjoy about Primitive’s culture?

Definitely the people and atmosphere that Annie, Primitive’s Chief of Staff, has created. Even when I was new I never felt left out or judged for not having the abilities my teammates did. They all welcomed me with open arms and included me in many things inside and outside of work.   

What about Primitive’s future are you most excited for? 

The ability to keep growing! I have never had a job where I truly felt myself growing each day. Kade challenges me with new things and has me step out of my comfort zone most of the time and I truly believe that is what has built me into the better employee I am today. 

I think Primitive is what’s next in our society; they are ahead of the curve and want to keep it that way for not only the company, but for their employees, too. That is something I will always want to be a part of.

Alright, let’s get into more about you. What does the day in remote-life look like?

A day in my remote-life is never dull. I need the constant of change to keep me motivated and focused. I am so grateful for Primitive allowing us to be so flexible; it’s what has led to the reason I love coming to work everyday. 

I start my mornings slow, checking emails, Slack, my calendar, etc. Once I feel caught up I make myself a large cup of coffee and usually have a solid work block until about 11. I’ll take a break by watering the plants outside or taking a walk to the mailbox to grab the mail, switch my coffee to water or Gatorade, and get back to working until lunchtime. 

Most days, my lunch is eaten at my desk while checking my social media accounts, adding things to my to-do lists (yes, lists is plural) or just making sure I haven’t missed anything. Once I have finished lunch, I’ll take a small break by cleaning up the kitchen, washing dishes, or starting some laundry. After about 20-30 minutes, I head back to my desk and finish out my day with another work block, this time only lasting until 3 or 4. For the last hour-ish of my day I make sure I am caught up, make any last minute emails or calls, and begin to check off my to-do list. 

After that is done and I feel really secure with a stopping point, I put my computer to sleep and head off to workout or read, just to start over the next day! 

You started out working in the Primitive office, which means you weren’t always a remote employee. How have you adjusted and what were the biggest challenges/wins you faced when making the switch?

I won’t lie — adjusting to the remote lifestyle was a lot harder than I could’ve ever imagined, and not for reasons you may think. 

I had worked from home on Thursdays while I was in Lubbock and I loved those days so much; my house would get deep cleaned, laundry would be done, and the amount of work I would accomplish still surprises me. However, after moving home and and moving on from actually working at Primitive, every day became a challenge for me. 

I really missed the office, the people, and atmosphere — my whole routine. 

For the first couple of weeks I felt like I needed to never leave my computer in the eight hours I was online, lunch was eaten at my desk or skipped, I felt guilty if I responded even a minute late to an email or Slack message, and most of all I began to doubt myself. 

Finally, after a few weeks of learning my new routine, I realized it was okay to take short breaks and lunch breaks. I became so productive incorporating my new routine that my self doubt was slipping away. 

Now, I follow a strict routine, but I change it up by working in different spaces. Whether it is in my room at home, the living room, outside, or even in College Station visiting my boyfriend, these small changes give me a sense of motivation and productivity that I wasn’t getting from sitting in the same spot at home everyday. The best remote advice I can give is work in spaces and within the hours you find yourself most productive.

What are some of your favorite TV shows or go-to movies? 

My favorite TV shows include Friends, Ghost Whisperer, Criminal Minds, and White Collar. These are all shows I have seen numerous times and are the shows I go to for comfort/peace of mind. 

My go to movies/top three favorites are Sweet Home Alabama, Tombstone, and Rock of Ages. Annnnnnnd anything on the Hallmark Channel! 

What are your other hobbies and interests? 

My hobbies and interests would be working out, golfing, reading, and any activity that allows me to be on any type of water — rivers, lakes, pools, and oceans. 

How do you balance work and personal life?

My work-life balance is managed so well, solely because of my ability to work remotely. I feel that my personal life doesn’t suffer because I have the flexibility to work from anywhere and the same with my work life. You can’t have one without the other and in order to find that balance you need to know the appropriate amounts of give and take in order to make yourself successful and a great teammate. 

What is something not everyone knows about you?

I am really passionate about taking pictures.

Who do you admire?

Gosh this is hard, there are so many people I really admire. Truth be told though, my parents are who I admire and look up to most. Neither has finished college, yet they have worked so hard to provide a way for all three of their kids to attend college and graduate from amazing schools.  

How do you stay motivated?

Motivation for me comes in many different forms. Sometimes it's a small Post-it note that says, “Don’t give up,” or it’s a picture of my family and friends. 

I’ve learned my motivation stems from my self care and when I am happy, I am motivated! 

What is your secret to success?

My secret to success is easy for me: it’s my faith. On my bad days I pray, and on my good days I pray. I lean on my faith to get me through everything and who I am today wouldn’t be possible without it. 

Any other words of wisdom you would like to pass along?

“Have courage and be kind.” 
Having courage will help you reach your dreams, but having kindness will help you reach them with a support system behind you all the way.

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